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The Future is Bright - Overview of Green Cross Australia's Work
The Future is Bright - Overview of Green Cross Australia's Work

Green Cross Australia educates and empowers Australians to become more resilient to our changing environment.


We run innovative digital projects that help to grow more sustainable and resilient communities. We know we are making powerful, positive changes because we track our on-the-ground impact using cutting-edge digital mapping technologies.


Our business and research partnerships draw together like-minded leaders and their companies and research institutions towards our vision of a more resilient Australia.


Green Cross Australia are proud members of an international network with a distinctive history.  After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Mikhail Gorbachev became deeply engaged with the Rio Earth Summit. In1993 Gorbachev founded Green Cross International in order to create a new approach to solving the world's most pressing environmental challenges by reconnecting humanity to the environment.


Over 30 Green Cross offices around the world work towards this vision. Read the Green Cross Australia overview, 'The Future is Bright'.



















We are not an advocacy group. We work alongside respected business, research, community and government partners to deliver world-class digital projects. Our aim is to shift global values towards a secure and sustainable future.





















Our mantra, Think + Act + Share = Change, is key to every project we deliver.
















We think that every Australian wants to work towards a positive future, but are turned off by the politics, the arguments, the scare tactics, or the complicated science. We don't need to be paralysed just because we are polarised about climate change.



CSIRO research shows that 88% of Australians believe that climate change is happening. While 46.5% of them believe that humans are significantly contributing to it, 42.2% believe it's just a natural fluctuation in earth's temperatures. Whatever our belief, Australians know we need to prepare for a very different 21st century.


Our projects


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Since 2009 Green Cross Australia has deployed six award-winning websites engaging with 349,000 Australians, inspiring them to 309,000 measurable actions that advance our purpose.


These projects:

- produce fun, educational resources for children to learn about the stresses our planet faces;

- encourage young people to use their creativity to participate in a cleaner, greener future;

- inspire young people to become emergency volunteers;

- help coastal communities understand the risk of sea level rise in their local area through a fun community photography initiative;

- educate home owners about severe weather risks in their local area, and helping them prepare for them in an engaging way;

- provide a comprehensive green building guide for people rebuilding after natural disasters; and

- enable businesses and research institutions to collaborate towards a resilient Australia.


Visit our websites:


Harden Up - Protecting Queensland

How can you be ready for extreme weather?

We help prepare people for extreme weather events to protect families, properties and communities through our interactive disaster resilience portal.

ACT First

ACT First helps to create empowered communities who are aware of their risks and are better prepared to respond to - and survive - severe weather events or natural disasters. This personalised online resource helps residents of the ACT prepare for extreme weather with customised preparedness information for each user.


Every Rooftop

How can we all afford to work together towards a clean energy future?

We help build a future powered by sustainable energy by making solar energy accessible. Our innovative leasing model also financially supports our work.

Build it Back Green

How does your community recover after natural disasters?

We help disaster affected communities build back sustainably, by providing them with tools and resources to become more resilient.


Green Lane Diary

Who is the biggest influencer at home?

We inspire primary school children to take every day actions to make a difference through our award winning environmental education program.


Extreme Weather Hereos

Did you know the average age for emergency volunteers is over 50?
We work with young people to inspire a new generation of Australians to become emergency volunteers using the power of  social networking.


Witness King Tides

How do we make climate change relevant?

We raise awareness about the affects of climate change on our oceans and coastal communities through a fun and meaningful community photography initiative.


Future Sparks

What will your world look like when you're in charge?

We raise awareness about clean energy options for the future through a national video competition for school children.



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