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Support Pureology - so they can support Green Cross

Green Cross Australia is delighted to be part of a global partnership with Purelogy - the #1 professional hair colour care brand in the US and a company that takes sustainability seriously.


Pureology has partnered with Green Cross offices around the world to support our work and to work with us to reduce their own environmental impacts. This high end hair care subsidiary of L'Oreal was founded based on passionate environmental values. From the day of inception in 2001, PUREOLOGY began taking measures to decrease the impact on the environment by using natural, organic botanicals and 100% Vegan ingredients. As a result, a new standard in professional colour care was set.


Pureology makes a concerted effort toward sustainability through their product formulation, package development and supply chain:

  • Products are enriched with Organic Botanicals cultivated without the use of harmful pesticides.
  • Concentrated formulas last longer than other shampoos, which minimises the amount of plastic bottles being produced.
  • Packaging uses up to 25% of post-consumer recycled plastic, which in turn reduces the amount of waste in our landfills. Pureology's manufacturing process has decreased water consumption by 21% since 2008.

Pureology is working with Green Cross Australia to develop a campaign to reduce water usage across its salon network - we look forward to introducing that program over 2011. Although we may be experiencing a particularly wet year given La Nina conditions, CSIRO predicts warming across Australia in future so water conservation is important.


We are grateful for support from the Purelogy Mothers Day campaign which donated thousands of dollars towards our Build it Back Green Queensland project. This effort, combined with donations towards a Green Cross International Smart Water for Green Schools program in Ghana, is making a real difference towards achieving our goals.


Pureology is also supporting our raffle - if you buy a ticket you will receive a sample of shampoo pack, ten lucky winners will get $250 gift packs, and will find out why this prestige brand is America's top salon product!

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