Climate adaptation

Home Ownership Exposure to Climate Risk - Hypothetical #1

Home Ownership Exposure to Climate Risk - Episodes 1- 4. See how the four chapters unfold in our storyline
Episode 1

What does climate change mean for long-term home ownership?


On the 3rd May 2018, a panel of industry experts explored some of the most challenging long-term issues facing home owners and the broader property sector at the QUT Forum.


Using a hypothetical scenario of an apartment block development, the discussion explored issues around housing affordability, insurability, safety and long term home ownership in Queensland. Panellists include experts from the Queensland Government, the Local Government Association of Queensland, QUT, Griffith University, Climate Risk, and Suncorp.


Facilitated by Green Cross Australia's Business Adaptation Network and proudly supported by the Queensland Government. Our thanks to QUT for hosting the even at The Forum, Gardens Point.


You can watch the hypothetical here (Coming Soon).


Report and images from the event (Coming soon).


We are grateful for the participation of the following people in this  event:

The players


  • Existing owner and potential buyer - Karl Mallon, Climate Risk
  • Insurer - Joshua Cooney, Suncorp
  • Gondwanaland Local Government - Dorean Erhart
  • Pangea State Government planner - Peter Rollston
  • Banking/finance - Brett Walker, Suncorp
  • Planning law - Dr Philippa England, Griffith University
  • Developer -  a late apology, somewhere in the Cayman Islands !

The support staff

  • Department of Environment and Science
  • Curious Minds Co / artbalm - creative services
  • QUT



The views expressed in this hypothetical are not based on any specific location and/or circumstance. It is a fictitious example and role play for the purposes of education and dialogue.


The views expressed by the players in the hypothetical are of a general nature, do not necessarily reflect the views of their or other organisations, and none of the players or facilitator accept responsibility for any information or advice provided as part of the hypothetical.


This hypothetical is not intended to be personal advice and you should not rely on it as a substitute for any form of professional advice.

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