What you can do

Green Cross Australia motivates people to take life changing journeys.

Over the past seven years, over 450,000 Australians have joined our networks accessing 1.2 million pages of media rich, research based sustainability and resilience materials.

Through our digital platforms, networking events, hypotheticals and school activities, every day somewhere in Australia, someone will be inspired to take a practical step towards a secure and sustainable future. We can measure change because people tell us what they are doing.

We need your help to make the world a more sustainable and secure place. Locally, nationally, and globally, Green Cross Australia offers you the opportunity to make a difference.

Our work is only possible with the continued support of people like yourself. Whether by donation, volunteering or by changing your lifestyle, we can all do our bit.

Whether you can spare $10 or $1000, your donation will help drive our society towards a more sustainable and secure future. Green Cross Australia values your generous contribution and commitment to making the world a better place. Donate online via our secure payment gateway today!
Do you want to be part of one of Australia’s youngest and most exciting NGOs? Green Cross Australia relies on volunteers to assist with our work. Are you interested? Apply today and we will seek to match your skills and interests to our current needs.
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