Climate adaptation

Green Cross Australia helps people to adapt to our changing climate, in ways that embrace sustainability and community resilience. We are motivated by our understanding of a resource-constrained, warming planet and our belief that this challenge presents opportunities for a bright future.

CSIRO research shows that 88% of Australians believe that climate change is happening. While 46.5% of them believe that humans are significantly contributing to it, 42.2% believe it's just a natural fluctuation in earth's temperatures. Whatever our belief, Australians know we need to prepare for a very different 21st century.

Green Cross Australia motivates self-reliance to severe weather, while encouraging the community to adopt environmental values and practices that will sustain our communities through the warmer decades with more intense extreme weather and growth pressures that lie ahead.

Since 2009 Green Cross Australia has deployed six award-winning programs, delivered through exciting web journeys that have already engaged over 450,000 Australians, inspiring them to take measurable actions that advance our purpose. Through our programs we present environmental science from Australia's top researchers to build powerful learning journeys.

In this part of our website we share our involvement in partner activities. Since 2008 we have engaged with programs ranging from the World Bank's Climate Change Adaptation Market Place, Torres Strait adaptation challenges, humanitarian displacement challenges in our region, disaster preparedness and rebuilding programs, and a fundamental challenge of how we build strong communities which are able to withstand shock while continuously improving their environmental performance. Find out how Green Cross Australia integrates climate mitigation with climate adaptation at each step using the links below.

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