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Townsville Storm Surge Simulation

As the events of 2011 showed, cyclone risk along the coast of Queensland is real.


In conjunction with CSIRO, a specially designed simulation will help to visualise the risks by showing the impacts of a cyclone hitting Townsville. CSIRO is creating a simulation modelling fluid dynamics that draw from current research and historical records to give a realistic impression of the effects of a cyclone hitting Townsville.


The animation will be visible on the Harden Up - Protecting Queensland website and will help to foster a greater understanding of what could occur should a cyclone hit a major city on the Queensland coast like Townsville.


The animation will feature interviews with former head of Red Cross Queensland Greg Goebel (pictured above right), retired BoM weather guru Jeff Callaghan (pictured below right) and CEO of Volunteering Queensland Jelenco Dragasic.


By understanding the severity of the risk, viewers will be inspired to take action to prepare their homes, families and communities.


On 4 November 2012, a Green Cross Australia team will visit Townsville to showcase the new animation at Townsville's legendary Cyclone Sunday gathering.


We look forward to working with Townsville City Council, local emergency response leaders, and the Townsville community in sharing this simulation to encourage awareness and preparedness.


The Harden Up - Protecting Queensland website features a database with more than 3000 major weather events over the past 150 years. We locate these events at the local suburb level in order to enable the community to self assess the hazards they are exposed to.


In Townsville there have been 53 major cyclones since the 1850s, and you can see three case studies of these events below.


One particular event in far north Queensland stands out for its very significant impacts. In 1899, TC Mahina hit the Bathurst Bay area, creating a storm surge which could have been as high as 14.6m. You can find the case study on Mahina here.


Green Cross Australia is working with James Cook Univeristy Professor Jon Nott to share his indepth understanding of Australia's tropical cyclone history and implications going forward with our community audience.


In 2001 Professor Nott published a seminal article in the Journal Nature titled 'High frequency of 'super-cyclones' along the Great Barrier Reef over the past 5000 years.' This article provides great insight into the impacts and recurrance of major cyclones near the Great Barrier Reef before recorded history.


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