International work

Green Cross Australia is part of a network of 31 Green Cross organisations across the world. Explore the international network here.


Green Cross International works in five key areas:

  • Water for Life and Peace
  • Environmental Security and Sustainability
  • Value Change
  • Social and Medical
  • Smart Energy

Find out more about Green Cross International's work here.


At Green Cross Australia, our work in Australia is framed by international themes that connect the Green Cross family.


These themes range from the importance of building resilience to climate change impacts, to the priority we must give to fostering environmental education in a new generation of young people who will inherit 21st century adaptation and mitigation challenges and opportunities.


In the links below you can find the ideas and international Green Cross projects that inspire our emerging work in Australia.


In the Asia Pacific Region, our office joins with Green Cross affiliates in Japan, Korea and Sri Lanka in offering the award-winning 'Green Lane Diary" environmental education program which is supported by UNESCO and has inspired more than one million students to learn about our common sustainability challenges and to take practical environmental actions at school, at home and in their communities.


You will also find linkages to international projects such as the Smart Water for Green Schools initiative in Ghana, sustainable rebuilding in New Orleans and Haiti, and how our office in New Orleans supported the resilience of coastal communities through the Gulf Oil Spill.


Over time Green Cross Australia hopes to broaden its capacity to partner with Asia Pacific development initiatives aligned to our climate resilience and primary school environmental education expertise.

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